Cheaters Suck // The Versions of Us inspired rant

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I’ve been sick since Friday, so naturally I’ve given myself a perfectly valid excuse to ignore all my work and just read.

I’ve finally got around to reading The Versions of Us, which so far I’m enjoying. I was surprised to see that there wasn’t two, but THREE running parallels throughout the story. I was also surprised that I wasn’t hopelessly lost, but somehow I’m managing. I love it.

One thing I don’t love though is the recurring trope of the mysterious yet enticing love affair that authors so often use in more romantic novels. It’s not rare to have a character with more than one love interest, and although monogamy is almost dead is this recurring theme making people think it’s okay to betray the person you love?

I wonder how much people are influenced by characters in novels. I mentioned in a previous post how people seem to want to mimic mental illnesses because their favourite characters have them, purposely endangering them and others around them.

I understand that people will see what is right and what is wrong, and the majority of people aren’t idiots, which is great. Good job, world. However, I’ve noticed in novels how often the cheater gets forgiven, or the one who is cheated on decides to retaliate by “cheating back”, or they seem to brush off the shame like I brushed biscuit crumbs off my pyjamas when I was marathoning Game of Thrones on the sofa earlier. I feel like this kind of betrayal isn’t being taken that seriously, or is being played down to an almost normal occurrence.

Then again, these kinds of things aren’t rare any more. Love isn’t seen as this true eternal flame anymore- it’s fleeting, and changing, and easily broken. In my opinion, that sucks quite a bit. We live in a world where people think it’s fine to lust over someone when they’re supposed to be in love with another, or if you’re drunk and you kiss someone it’s fine, or if they weren’t happy in their current relationship it’s fine.

It’s never fine.

As a result, more people are unwilling to commit to long term relationships. Less people want to get married. People are scared to have children because they don’t want to raise them alone, regardless of whether they would be the mother or the father. Call me paranoid, but these situations authors create in books don’t seem to be having that much of a negative impact on the rest of their lives. At worst, they seem to feel guilty for a while and then shake it off, and then the other person seems to be showing great strength of character by taking them back. Is it me, or surely it would take more strength to metaphorically throw them out into the trash? Beats me.

I mean, sure, these dramatic affairs do add excitement to a book in a weird way, as no relationship is perfect and obviously it isn’t all going to be gumdrops and roses. Surely there’s other ways to present conflict? Surely there’s a more diverse range of issues one can write about in a relationship other than how it appears to be so easy to turn a blind eye and salvage any honour they may have had?

I may be overreacting here, but it seems so easy for people to still hero-worship characters that have cheated in romantic novels especially. Do people not see this as a bad thing anymore?

Maybe I’m just a buzzkill. We’ll see, I guess. I’m just going to sneeze out my feelings and take a nap.

2 Replies to “Cheaters Suck // The Versions of Us inspired rant”

  1. Completely agree with this. It’s a really good point and I must admit I’ve seen it so many times in all kinds of books. I suppose it’s just there to make them more interesting and sell the story – this was really nice to wake up to! Hope you’re feeling a bit better. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I’m feeling a lot better today, I think I’ve finally shaken it off! I’m just hoping I haven’t infected my parents in the process now! (My brother has the immune system of a rock so he’s fine)

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