There’s only one diagnosis I can muster for what I’m feeling right now, and that is a Book Hangover.

I’m sure the majority of us here have been sucked in by a book (This is mainly a book blog, if you haven’t I’m curious as to why you’re here). I’m sure you’ve all finished a book that’s absorbed and consumed you, and when you have finished, you just stare at the back cover for a while, a void slowly opening that was filled by the story you were just reading. You feel different somehow. You feel enlightened. You’ve learned something. However, you haven’t learned something in a classroom with twenty other people your age. You’ve learned something that’s very personal to you. You’ve discovered something that only you can truly relate to.

These feelings and thoughts lead to an internalised Book Hangover that leave you pondering and questioning many concepts for a while. Sometimes it’s just a few hours. Sometimes it’s days. Sometimes it’s weeks. Sometimes you’re lucky and someone you know has also read the book, and even luckier if they can somehow relate or empathise with how you’re feeling. Most of the time though, it’s a solo journey. An ever-evolving growth. A good book will give you something that will stick with you for a long time.

An easy solution is to simply pick up another book- a tactic that I’ve used many a time. Why re-enter the real world again so suddenly when there’s more fiction for you to devour, or another person’s life to be introduced to? Why preoccupy yourself again with actual legitimate issues when you can think about a new protagonist’s woes, and start to relate to a whole new character? There are concepts to be thought about, choices to make, realms to explore and new lessons to learn. Why wait?

Some feelings need to be processed. Some feelings need to be felt. These hangovers are one of a kind. You’re not trying to remember what happened, you’re trying to process it. I’m wondering where the concept came from, and how one mind could produce sentences that flow together in such a way that it makes you feel emotions so powerful that you can’t put your thoughts into words. Sure, you may have updated your Goodreads page to announce to the world that you’ve finished it, but are you finished with it? Probably not.

Expect a book review soon, that’s all I’m saying.

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