London is a whirlwind.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit for the second time this week, but there’s something about London that completely wipes you out if you’re not used to it. There’s something about London that is incredible and wonderful to observe. It’s diverse. There’s any shop you could ever want (if you can afford it). The tube gets you anywhere you want to go in minutes. There’s so many things to see and do you’d have to stay for weeks if you wanted to visit everything in one trip. There are musicians everywhere, it’s like you’ve been dropped into a musical but you’re merely an extra in the crowd. One fades out and another fades in. Silence isn’t golden, silence isn’t heard of here.

The crowds can be terrifying. Some people have absolutely no mercy. If you’re not fast and graceful you will be squashed, or even worse, you’ll miss your train. Apologising doesn’t seem to get you anywhere, British courtesies don’t seem to work in London from my experiences, which is ironic in itself.

Some don’t have any mercy when it comes to queueing either, if there’s an opportunity to cut in, they will. People are always in a hurry, people always have a destination to get to: a place to be or people to see. There’s no time for the present, there’s only time to prepare for the future. People have their journeys they repeatedly take daily, and people who get in the way of that seem to be absolute scum in the way that they glare at you. Saying that, some people were very gracious regarding my initial confusion. Some people gave directions like they were talking to a friend. Not everyone was harsh and brutal.

The traffic is almost as crazy as the streets. You can get a taxi from almost anywhere, and crossing a road is more challenging than finding the place you need to go. There’s more to London than Big Ben and the London Eye. People are constantly taking selfies, recording memories with their phones instead of their eyes, not forgetting to add the Snapchat filter to clarify that they are indeed in London, and checking themselves in on Facebook to again clarify that they are indeed in London. Not only are you navigating through the people constantly moving against you, you’re navigating through the people who are absorbed in the moment on their screen.

There’s something about London that makes me enjoy every visit. There’s something wonderful about it, how different it is to the small town where I come from, and the fact that people seem to be able to fully express themselves here in a way that would seem strange in Wales. People are united yet also very, very divided. People are people, yet some people are deemed as different.

The Theatres have a vibe that other places will never have. I’ve been lucky to go to three different musicals this week, and each theatre was cool and different and completely refreshed my love for the stage, and the music, and the stories these people have to tell. No theatre is the same, and that adds to the excitement.

Long story short: this week has been eventful, and now I’m overdue some time to just read undisturbed. Sweet. Cool.

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