Harry Potter and the Cursed Child // Expectations

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Tomorrow is one of the many days this year that us Harry Potter fans have been waiting for. This is the day for the people who can’t afford to go to London to see the actual play (which may be a little hypocritical of me going by my last post but hey ho), and the people who don’t live in the UK altogether. Or the people who just like books and plays. Screw that, tomorrow is a day for all Harry Potter fans, regardless.

I’ve been known as the Harry Potter kid throughout my school days. When a teacher mentioned the books or the films during class I’d suddenly see 20 or so heads swivelling around to judge my reaction, which would mostly be exaggerated excitement. Still to this day I will spend days having detailed discussions about the tiniest details of the series, and let’s face it: I probably know more about Harry Potter than the degree I am studying.

Then again, I can’t help but be concerned about the fact that this is a second generation story. Is this the start of a series where people will continue to milk out a successful franchise? Although I’m a firm believer that J K Rowling has the ability to make anything good, I’m still wishing that we had a Marauders saga, or something that doesn’t involve Harry, Ron and Hermione. I want to see something fresh, and something that can give us answers to questions I’ve debated with my friends for years.

Even so, I’ve preordered the screenplay. I don’t want to read it with low expectations, but I’m not going to automatically assume it’s the best thing ever written. I’ve heard amazing reviews for the play, but I’m hoping it’s not predictable, and I’m hoping it’s not repetitive. At the same time, we’re lucky that we’ve been given more material to talk about, or produce merchandise for, or even write fanfiction for. Some ships have sailed, but J K Rowling has let hers stay in the harbour for a little while more, even though it’s been almost a decade since the last book was released.

Let’s hope it’s worth it.

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