Untitled Thoughts // Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

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PLEASE NOTE: This review will probably be riddled with spoilers. Save yourself. Save your families.

This is it.

The big one.

The one we’ve all been waiting for.

It has been almost a decade since I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on a holiday in York back in 2007. It’s been 5 years since the last film. So when J K Rowling announced the play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child just over a year ago, and later on the book of the script, I was excited. I was more than excited. Also, let’s face it, books are exciting in general.

Last night was a whirlwind. After waiting dutifully in my armchair all day, reading Game of Thrones to distract myself, the parcel arrived through my letterbox. I didn’t even bother tweeting or instagramming that I’d received, it, that’s how desperate I was. I was back in my armchair and wasn’t to be disturbed for two hours.

I’m still trying to organise my thoughts, but they’re much less fuzzy than yesterday, so here I am. I’m going to talk about the good things first, since I’ve read many negative reviews and I don’t think it’s that disappointing. What we have to bear in mind here is that THIS IS A SCRIPT. It’s obviously going to be more limiting than the play itself. It’ll never be the same as the books we know and love.

If you’ve read my previous post regarding my expectations, you’ll know that I was hoping it wouldn’t be predictable and repetitive. I’m glad to announce that it’s not. We see a new side to the trio now that they’ve grown up, and also a new side to the other characters we love like Draco and Ginny. The friendship between Albus and Scorpius is heartwarming, and although there are hints that there’s more to their friendship than seen, it’s also left open and ambiguous. It reminded me a lot of Season 3:1 of Sherlock, The Empty Hearse, in the sense that it seemed like a lot of scenes were written to satisfy fans. Harry finally confronts Dumbledore, Snape is given a sense of redemption, and we get to explore a lot of alternate universes.

I’m also going to talk about Ron Weasley. I disliked him as a character in the books, especially in the later ones, and I was also a little annoyed that he gets paired with Hermione at the end. However the play completely redeemed my opinion of him. It just goes to show how people mature as they get older, and he was the most chilled and level headed while everyone else was getting worked up and fighting amongst themselves. He didn’t have a major role, and therefore he could be seen as merely a comedic crutch, but it just goes to show that not everyone has to get involved in everyone’s business, this was mainly a story about Harry and Albus struggling to let go.

There’s only one main thing that really bugs me is the introduction of Voldemort’s daughter, Delphini. Lord Voldemort was the product of a love potion, therefore it was known that he was incapable of love, which is the cause of his downfall. So how has he been able to produce a child?! Also when she was conceived he would have been 70. That seems too old to suddenly have a child- and as my friend said when we discussed this last night, it does seem to be a way for Harry to not be isolated as an orphan, and for him to be able to relate to someone. I feel like there could have been a better way to find an antagonist in this story.

Overall, it was great. It was sweet, and it did tie up a lot of loose ends that were somewhat abandoned at the end of Deathly Hallows, and it was nice for characters to receive closure. I’m still not sure how I feel about it in a lot of other aspects, but I do think one would have to see the play to get a full perspective.

I would love to hear your opinions if you’ve read it!

PS: I’m very glad I’m not the only one who’s scared of pigeons. Those things are vicious.

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