A Curious Concept // The Bees Review

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It’s been difficult to find time to read these days, so when my birthday rolls around and I get a fresh supply of books it always kickstarts my reading just in time to finish my reading challenge by the end of the year (which I feel like I’m very behind on, whoops save me).

Today I’m going to talk about The Bees. I put this on my birthday wishlist because I was very intrigued by the concept, and although it wasn’t too far out of my normal comfort zone when it comes to genres, the fact that Laline Paull introduces a completely new perspective caught me off guard, and it worked out somehow.

It was original and exciting. I haven’t been this invested in a bee since The Bee Movie, and this was only because it became a massive meme and again, I was curious. The fact that they are very clearly bees physically yet appear to have human emotions gives us a new and fresh contribution to the dystopian genre, as like most popular dystopian books the society is rigid and controlled with very strict classes and roles. I was drawn into it, because somehow, even though I am most definitely not a bee, I could relate to it. I could relate to the boredom Flora felt about being stuck in the same routine, I could relate to her crave for society to accept a more creative or different outlook on life, I could relate, somehow. I’ve always wanted to have the ability to fly, too.

Sometimes I felt like it was unnecessarily dark. Sometimes the descriptions went to extremes that made it seem horrendously sexual, and if you were scarred by the Bee Movie, this is a whole new level somehow. Although graphic imagery can add to a story, sometimes I feel like it takes away the impact of the plot because people will struggle to take it seriously.

Nevertheless, I was hooked. The pace of the story was reasonably fast even though it takes place over a relatively long period of time. Also it revived my love of reading and kickstarted my reading challenge again, so I definitely consider it to be enjoyable.

Overall: I feel like it has a niche interest in the sense that you could easily be completely put off by the concept, but it wholeheartedly draws you in and takes you on a journey if you invest in it.

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