A Contradicting Opinion // On the Other Side Review

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

A very belated Happy New Year to you all! I hope you’re all still powering through. Apparently today is Blue Monday. I’m wearing blue, but I feel like I missed the point there.

With a new year, comes a new reading challenge! After the hectic attempt of reading 80 books while juggling this university shebang and the rather surprising success, I’ve decided to tone it down a lot, but hopefully it will still keep me reading! (If you’re nosy I’ve updated my tab, how is that for organisation)

Speaking of, last month I finally got around to reading Carrie Hope Fletcher’s On the Other Side, and after enjoying her first book All I Know Now (based on her blog of the same name) I felt optimistic about her first dive into writing fiction.

Honestly, overall, I was satisfied. It was an original concept and it was executed well, and there was diversity there that is only now being explored in other books without being part of the plot. She explores homosexuality and bisexuality with ease, however I don’t believe there is a need to point it out so obviously, but then that may be because I believe that you love who you love, regardless of gender. It was also a very quick and easy read, and very simple to digest as a plot despite the fact that it very emotive and it is evidently designed to tug on your heartstrings.

However, I doubt I am not the first person to point out that this relationship has many similarities with her relationship with Pete Bucknall. As a fan of her youtube videos and work in the theatre I couldn’t help but notice similarities in her book, even if it wasn’t intentional. Furthermore, especially in the beginning there were many references to the fandom which at first were quite cute but ended up being quite cheesy, but that just might be me and my cold heart.

Going back to the uniqueness, Carrie uses magical realism which is a theme that is rarely used in books these days (but quite a lot in novels worldwide as I have discovered in my degree), however as an avid fan of Once Upon a Time I feel like the climactic act in the novel was remarkably similar to that, which made it lose the affect slightly.

Overall, a fun read, although I’m not sure if I was in the demographic and if it’s more suited to younger readers. Sometimes I forget I’m not a teenager anymore, I’m getting more hangovers now, it’s terrible, take me back.

I look forward to reading any future novels she may decide to write in between acting jobs!


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