Underrated Necessities for University Folk

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It’s that time again. For another University related list. I’ve been a classic University Student™ for a year and a half now, and there have been some things I’ve noticed. Firstly, there are things that you don’t think about buying that are actually game changers, and the things that your mother insists you get six of and you probably won’t even use one. So here are the underdogs in life. Enjoy

Things you think you won’t need but absolutely probably will need

  1. Plastic cups. You’ve got enough glasses and mugs and measuring jugs, you don’t need anything else right? Wrong. Glasses break, and you don’t want to use those for Beer Pong, and if you’re having a house party do you want that person you met two minutes ago drinking out of your favourite cup? I think not, as I almost lost one of my brand new Mason Jars in my first week by doing that.
  2. Thinking along the same lines, STRAWS. Save yourself washing up and spend a pound at most on a gazillion straws, chuck one in the bottle of wine you’re drinking and boom, you’re sorted. Although that does mean you’ll probably end up drinking the whole bottle, but it’s university.
  3. A colander. You’re probably thinking that sounds like a kitchen item you’ll never use and I’ve put it in the wrong list, but trust me, you’re going to be draining a lot of pasta and rice, and the lid to your pan is going to mysteriously disappear within the first month.
  4. A lunch box. If you’ve got a 9am-6pm day at Uni, it’s inevitable that you will just buy a meal deal on campus, but if you buy a decent one at the beginning of the year hopefully you’ll be more motivated to make your own lunches and even make healthier lunches, at least that’s what I’ve noticed recently anyway.
  5. A flask. For all those library sessions you think about doing and the lectures at silly times in the morning, most of you will want some sort of hot drink but won’t want to spend £3 a day on a beverage, even if the Uni knocks off VAT with your student card. This sounds like something you can live without, but why spend more money on coffee when you have it at your questionable student digs?

Now I’ve imparted some wisdom I’m going to get a coffee and take a nap.

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