A few weeks ago I went to visit my oldest and closest friend in her university, which is luckily in Bath.

I say luckily, because it is a truly beautiful place. I feel like I say that about everywhere I go, but then maybe that is because I like to see the best in things, however looking at the header image alone would surely give you a positive opinion of this city. Unless you have a fear of birds.

So there’s this guy known as the pigeon man. He’s trained the local pigeons over the years and earned their trust, so now he’s a popular tourist attraction, for want of a better phrase. Suddenly I turned the corner and there’s a gazillion pigeons hanging out in the square, and I was not emotionally prepared. I guess it was an excuse to duck into Bath Abbey and explore the wonders there, but he must be their guardian angel or something! I wish I could be like that with puppies- that is the true dream.

What I loved about Bath, was that like Chester, it’s a modern city but has still maintained its roots. The buildings are old and have retained the classic architecture but it is not lacking in sights to see as a result. All the shops you could ever need are in the centre, and Ben’s Cookies are the most glorious things I have ever tasted (and I literally spent my entire childhood craving Millie’s Cookies from Cardiff Shopping Centre).

Another thing that stood out to me was the bus ride leading up to Bath Spa University itself, purely because of those SWEET SWEET VIEWS. The single winding road is flanked by mountains which remind me of home, and it must be comforting to take that journey on a daily basis, even if it does take half an hour out of your day each way. Then again, I would have preferred that to the half an hour walk merely down main roads to my University in my first year.

There’s so much scenery, if you were an Instagram addict you’d be in heaven. I took the picture above while on a walk around the university, and you could totally walk through the forests and pretend you were an angsty teen in a coming of age film.

To sum up: Bath is underrated, and I’ll be back.

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