The Costa Rica Diaries: Settling in

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Somehow I, a girl who hasn’t ventured outside Europe ever or outside the UK in a very long time, has hacked an 11 hour flight and rocked up on the other side of the world. Customs didn’t make me want to die a death after the last disaster, I stayed awake for two solid days and now I’m pretty much settled in with the loveliest homestay family ever (to be fair this is my first but they’re great).

I’m staying in a little baby town at the moment and it’s so peaceful. The people here are so positive, literally everyone has a dog and I’m enjoying the food. One of my main missions here is to embrace the local culture and food as much as I can and so far, everything is aokay! I don’t think I’m going to eat any rice or beans after this trip- not out of dislike but out of the sheer amount of it!

There are some drastically different customs- I’m just about getting the hang of putting loo roll in the bin rather than the toilet itself, and they are so chill about bugs to the point where one was just placed in my hand by one of the girls I was staying with (it was completely harmless no one died). Tomorrow I start attending Spanish classes which could be completely disastrous, but yknow, there’s worse things.

They have Netflix, they have coffee, they have internet (for now), so I’m sure everything will fall into place, including my sleeping pattern.

For now, hasta pronto.

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