The Costa Rica Diaries: Today we got very lost 

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Today was stressful.

Firstly we started classes, so to all the people who think I’m on a cute little holiday can now tone down the banter. I’m being productive, I swear!

It started off with two parrots flying into the electricity wire resulting in a lack of coffee in the morning, lights, and internet (the true disaster) but it was surprising how quickly it was switched back on again: cue a couple of minutes of us all staring at the ceiling exclaiming “Luz” in wonder as if we had never seen a light before in our lives, I’m guessing I’ll experience more of this as the weeks go by!

So we made it to the school in one piece, I managed to get my caffeine fix and everything fell back into place again. I was taught more grammar, which is probably a good thing as mine is shocking, and then we were released into the wild- by which I mean the small town of Nicoya.

It started off fine, we went on a little tour of Nicoya and one free ice cream later (with condensed milk inside???) we ended up at the pool. It was that warm, that the water in the pool was not cold at all, but it was still refreshing. We had a laugh, some people braved cannonballing into the pool and splashing us all, but it was nice to have a swim outside, and we were all under the happy illusion that you tan better in the pool, whether it’s true or not I don’t know.

I’ll tell you one thing though. I have burned. I don’t have sunstroke or anything, but no matter how much factor 50 I appply it does not seem to be enough. Apparently I’m a lovely shade of salmon, which is nice. I’m definitely covering up more for the next few days.

Then we decided to return home to do some work before our dance class, because they have given us HOMEWORK which is an absolute travesty. It took us two hours to get home.

Although the houses are all the colours under the sun, balamory style, the streets look the same, there are no road signs, and we’ve been brought up to never talk to strangers. We walked around in the blazing heat, with flip flops that shredded our feet and swimwear that was still slightly damp from the pool. It may not have been the best idea. (Sorry parents)

But it’s okay. We’re safely home, we got to explore Nicoya, our homestay family are still lovely and thanks to Mum I have every first aid item under the sun to tend to my wounds.

It’s going to get hotter, but I’m sure tomorrow will be better. Even if we do have a two hour long hike.

PS: No one can pronounce my name at all. The struggle is REAL.

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