The Costa Rica Diaries: The Adrenaline Rush

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The last few days have been insanely busy. How I’ve managed to juggle classes, socialising, spending time with my host family, homework from the academy and sleep, I still don’t know.

I’m currently writing this while we’re driving on the bumpiest road in the entire universe, but I’m going to start from a few days ago when we hiked up Cerro de la Cruz.

The views from the top were spectacular, but the walk up was so steep and difficult that it was not for the faint hearted, or one who had been slacking at the gym in the last few weeks. Speaking of views, I’ve definitely not been short of them this weekend, but more on that later.

The following day we were pushed to the limit again during an afternoon at Samara beach. Here we kayaked to an island, which I found surprisingly easy after the hike, and then we went snorkelling. What I could see was incredible, but being short sighted it was difficult to identify anything amongst the merging coloured blobs. The surfing lessons later on proved to be more of a challenge too, however I ACTUALLY STOOD UP ON THE BOARD. I tried.

After a much more relaxing day Thursday, after that we jumped back onto the air conditioned minibus we all know and love and travelled to Monteverde, where we stayed in a hostel right in the midst of what they call a cloud forest. The views here were beautiful, and I found a swinging hammock where I read Hidden Figures (potential review material?) and later that night we went on a walk through the forest on the search for as many insects and snakes and other animals, which was also incredible until I got attacked by a million ants who had found their way into my walking shoes. However the guide was lovely and we were followed by a cat (which the others named Bella). That night I went to go and shower only to find a scorpion, and even though I’ve showered with a cockroach this week I was not ready to cause further injury to myself. Repellent is my new best friend.

This morning was just as intense, but in a different way. As a lover of heights and the views that come with it, I was so excited for the Zip Wire canopy tour, and it didn’t disappoint. I also got the opportunity to go on a Tarzan swing: a free fall drop into a swing that flew over a drop that gave me bonus views that were incredible to witness. These aren’t just mountains and trees- they truly are WONDERS.

Tonight I’m in Arenal and we’re going to hang out with some volcanoes for a bit, so Pura Vida and all that and I’ll catch y’all the next time I have wifi.

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