The Costa Rica Diaries: On the topic of water

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These days, whenever any of my friends have a problem my go to response is “have a drink of water and rehydrate” and it seems to be effective. Here, obviously it’s even more important to have water on hand 24/7 as we’re constantly hot and sweaty. Very attractive I know.

So armed with our bottles of water, this weekend we went on a trip to see the more renewable, eco-friendly and green side of Costa Rica. As I mentioned in the last update, on Friday night we stayed in Monteverde, but then on Saturday I left the reading spot I had become incredibly attached to and we went to Arenal.

What we were about to experience was one of the most traumatic journeys ever for our naïve little student selves. The roads were bumpier than ever, like a three hour long drive down my back lane at home, and then we had to travel on a boat across a lake in order to reach the hotel. It was pouring down with rain, we couldn’t sit anywhere and stay dry and although the views were again wonderful, we were all feeling quite tired and grumpy.

Obviously what we needed was an evening in a luxury spa resort next to a volcano. With 8 pools to drink cocktails and splash eachother in, we all got to relax and truly unwind after a very long and busy first week. As someone who rarely feels fully relaxed, I savoured it, and it felt wonderful. I feel like I’m definitely a water baby, even though my hands were more pruned than a prune itself it felt very much like luxury and I would happily return again. Although it wouldn’t be the same without the 14 people I’ve spent all my time with this week, and will do in weeks to come.

This morning we had a different water related experience, and something that would be much more difficult to replicate anywhere else. We left our second hotel in two days and after a breakfast which sadly didn’t involve any hash browns, we trotted off to the La Fortuna Waterfall and Lagoon. Unlike yesterday, the water was incredibly cold, however for me it was a nice change from the heat that we’re slowly getting accustomed to. Although there were signs that said that you shouldn’t get too close to the waterfall, it was almost impossible to get near it anyway, as I kept getting buffetted towards the rocks whenever I tried to get anywhere and water was spraying in my face- splattering my sunglasses and obscuring my vision. However the biggest challenge we were to face (along with climbing up the gazillion steps after) was getting over the rocks in order to be reunited with our things. My T-Rex arms and stumpy legs weren’t much of a match for the giant rocks and if it wasn’t for the help of other people I would have been destined to be trapped there forever.

Do not fret though, one touristy tshirt later I am back in Nicoya with the best homestay tico fam, ready for an early night.

3 Replies to “The Costa Rica Diaries: On the topic of water”

  1. Been a while since I read one of your blogs. I used to be on TSR.. anyway it’s great to see you’re still keeping up with the blogs. Sounds like you’re having a cool time in Costa Rica 🙂 Hope the rest of the trip is just as great! Keep it up


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