The Costa Rica Diaries: Turns out we do have WiFi in Ostional

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Before I talk turtles to y’all, I want to talk about last night, my last night in Nicoya.

All of us were feeling a wee bit emosh after we were given our diplomas for spending two weeks procrastinating revising the subjunctive by gabbling in Spanish about our new favourite meal: rice and beans (I joke) and what sort of thing we were feeling for lunch that day (usually Chinese food). They also gave us a Costa Rican hipflask, and on that adorable note I would like to extend my thanks to the wonderful, inspiring and amusing teachers at the Academia Español Nicoya.

The next day us 15 groggy, tired, and in some cases hungover students once again jumped on a bus and were driven for a million hours on yet another bumpy road: this time, to Ostional. We were very wary about this stage in the trip as we were told there would be very little internet, the houses were much more basic and we had ten long days of volunteering ahead of us.

I was pleasantly surprised to have exceeded my quite low expectations, and here I am, sat on my bed under my mosquito net tent surrounded by a Chester Zoo’s worth of farm animals. Although I’m probably about to hit peak levels of the number of bites I’ll have on my limbs, I’m sweating off most of my body weight and I can hear literally everything within a 100m radius, everything is going to be okay.

Thus begins a new chapter, and with an open mind it’ll all fall into place.

Pura Vida amigos

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