The Costa Rica Diaries: The False Alarm and the return to Nicoya

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I was talking to a friend this morning and she asked if it is next weekend that I return home. My flight home has seemed blissfully far away up until this point, and it’s crazy to think we only have a week and a half left. I’ve already requested a roast dinner for when I get back to Wales.

ANYWAY, it turned out that the arribada was a false alarm. It just happened to be a large group of turtles that decided to nest together, and that combined with the fact that the crocodile lake has overflowed and joined the sea has caused further problems. Patrolling was interesting after, since we were forced to go through the river to get to the rest of the beach. It sucks that we didn’t get to see it, but we’ve been very fortunate to see so many turtles including a leatherback, and it’s definitely been an eye opening, humble and thrilling adventure.

In the meantime, due to the confusion we ended up with more free time than we had planned. One truck ride later and we found ourselves at yet another beach, this one littered with souvenir stores. One of the things I loved about our stay in Ostional is the amount of time we’ve been able to spend in the ocean. Sure there’s the risk of rip tides, but as long as you keep an eye on which direction the water is pulling you it’s perfectly okay. Waves were jumped, sand ended up everywhere and skin got burned. Standard day trip really.

Today I had my last portion of rice and beans (hopefully for the foreseeable future) and hopped on our favourite air conditioned bus to return to Nicoya. Back in the best homestay house ever, I had a plate of pancakes in front of me in minutes and later on we had chicken with a chinese style sauce and MASHED POTATO. Most of the past week has consisted of us fantasisting over the home comforts we wanted as soon as we land on British soil, and as much as I’m in favour of exploring new cultures, I feel like rice and beans three times a day may potentially shred my digestive system if it continues, I don’t know how some of the others have managed.

Tomorrow we have a seven hour bus journey to look forward to in order to get to Laguna del Lagarto. My Spotify playlist is ready and I’ve had two naps today, so what could go wrong? (Hopefully no one will vomit down the side of the bus again).

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