The Costa Rica Diaries: Laguna del Lagarto and the absence of WiFi

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The shock, right? The time finally came when the internet was cruelly snatched away from us poor millennials and we were forced to live like cavemen in an eco lodge in the middle of a rainforest.

None of us were prepared, emails were unread, texts couldn’t be sent, and the most horrific of all: I lost all my snapchat streaks.   Suddenly we were off the grid for five days of actual peace.

Rumours spread that if you stood in one specific corner of the lodge you could get a couple of bars of wifi, the few of us that actually got round to buying Costa Rican SIM cards weren’t even getting signal, and we were truly in the middle of nowhere.

The reality is- it was fine. No one died (although I did feel violently ill a few days ago but I feel like that was due to my digestive system crying over the rice and beans, and not my inability to see if anyone had liked my latest photo on Instagram), and we ended up bonding more as a group.

There was a different vibe to Ostional though, for sure. To start it was a lot cooler, we didn’t have as many excursions or obligations and there was a bar in order to satisfy my need for a few Pilsens after finally finishing my report.

I definitely spent a lot of time reading, of course. I spent so much time in one hammock that I’ve definitely strained my calves from spending so much time lying in one position, if that was possible. We also could canoe around the lagoons, and we met many crocodiles (including Jason and Frisbee). We planted 250 trees one morning, and we painted a church which was one of the funniest and most rewarding experiences of the trip- even if we did end up with more paint on us than on the church (I know who I’m blaming).

So, to conclude, and as much as this may shock my parents, I don’t need the internet to have a good time, and I had never felt more relaxed and at peace with myself.

That was until our British Council emails came with our fate sealed for September, but that’s a different story.

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