The Costa Rica Diaries: The Thing about San José

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The past day or two has been quite emotional. Little by little we’re leaving San José- some to move on to the Nicaragua extension, some back to Chester and others, including me, return to their homelands.

Naturally we’ve been quite sentimental. We’ll be going from spending five weeks around the same 14 other people on a daily basis to never seeing eachother again in the same way. Most of us go on our year abroad in September and a few are going on to complete their final year of university. Memories have been made, memes have been created and I’ll never be able to hear certain songs in the same way ever again.

Yesterday a few of us went to explore San José. Thanks to us leaving the hotel ridiculously early we got to see the city become more lively and bustling as the day progressed. Souvenir shops were visited, coffees were drank and I got to re-experience the Chai Frappuchinos I used to get custom made in my first year of university.

There was no rush for us. Most of us had done our souvenir shopping by this point so we were free to wander and absorb the culture, unlike when we were here at the beginning due to our jet lag and anxiety about being in a completely new environment. People selling any item under the sun littered the streets and men never failed to stare at my legs in a creepy way.

Despite that, this trip has been such a laugh. It hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t always been comfortable (especially where my digestive system is concerned). However I’ve adapted, and it just goes to show that you get out of an experience what you put into it.

I would like to thank Jack, Austen, Becca, Ellie, Lauren, Rosie, Ethan, Adam, Tom, Colette, Sabrina, Ella, Beth and Alyssa for the top notch bants and although we go our separate ways, I hope the memories will always remain.

Pura Vida, for the last time<3

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