When we went to Aberdeen yesterday the city could only be described as grey. There was the grey of the buildings, the grey of the sky, the grey of the paths, and the grey mood of the people walking on those grey paths.

Scotland in general, however, is quite the opposite.

We’re staying literally a stone’s throw away from the North Sea, and after spending a month surrounded by the Pacific Ocean it was familiar and welcoming (although it was much colder). The pub is around the corner and the alcohol is plentiful, and once again I’ve read far too many books in a short space of time.

Scotland hasn’t changed much since I was last here three or four year ago. There are still views to be marvelled at, and castles to explore, and I’m looking forward to the peace and tranquility that accompanies this country. It’s so easy to relax here, and even though i have WiFi unlike previous adventures, I still feel at peace. I feel removed from it enough that I don’t depend on it (until a group chat suddenly comes to life out of nowhere).

Scotland reminds me of Wales. There’s a sense of individuality to it. You can pick out the Scottish from the non Scottish by accents alone and they have a patriotic pride that is absent in England. They accept the tourists, and they’ve embraced the fact that they are unique, and have welcomed it into their livelihood.

It is beautiful. It is interesting. It is calm.

I’m looking forward to what the next couple of weeks bring.

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