How to move out without having a breakdown

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What was initially a couple of weeks of blissful ignorance has turned into the frightening revelation that I have less than 24 hours until I start the next chapter in my life. One by one, my course mates and I are slowly leaving to settle into new experiences in our respective regions. I’m no stranger to moving out, due to the fact that I’ve been moving up and down the country for the past two years, but this is a new level of upheaval.

One must think about the short term in addition to the long term. What is the likelihood of you returning home within the next fortnight? Will you need to bring anything with you so you can last a couple of days before you need to go shopping? If you’re new to University this year these things could be even more daunting as you guys get to experience the joys of communal laundrettes, sub par student housing and having to downgrade your food preferences.

If you’re travelling, making sure you have the necessary documents organised is so important. It will involve more than just bringing your passport. It means bringing copies of passports, getting travel insurance, trying to find where you buried your EHIC, and so much more. Chuck it all in a folder, and you’re golden. It might be a good idea to check your passport is safe now.

Connections are also crucial. Use the internet, take advantage of what the pre-technology cavemen didn’t have. Can you get the awkward introductions to your new flatmates out of the way via a message? Do you really all need to bring a toaster? Are there any other potential friends in the same boat as you? Why worry alone when you can worry with likeminded people? Make plans for when you get there. Keep busy, get to know your surroundings. Find key places and landmarks and you’ll settle in no time. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Most importantly, don’t let setbacks steer you from the realm of organisation into a chasm of chaos. I may not be the best example of this as I’ve done all my packing for 8 months this afternoon when I leave tomorrow morning, but organisation is probably more wise.

I’ll see you all in a different country folks.

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