Bron in the Basque Country: People read books here

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I have always been known as the token book friend, so you could imagine my surprise when I was at the beach with some fellow conversation assistants yesterday and most of us whipped out books to read on that gloriously sunny day. It was absolute madness. I was thrilled.

The past couple of weeks have been quite rocky. When I thought I was done with all the administrative parts of moving to a new country another million things cropped up on my to do list after I was told my bank account was invalid and my first payment was therefore in jeopardy. Having made Santander in Bilbao my second home and collecting many business cards from the woman who had to deal with me coming in on a daily basis for the next week, I finally got it sorted, just in time for the Puente.

This idea in Spain is genius, even if it could result in less productivity. Since a public holiday fell on the Thursday, instead of forcing everyone back into work on Friday they create a little bridge to the weekend. Although the government are no longer so keen on this idea, the Spanish Catholic Church are insistent that their religious festivals especially should be celebrated on certain days.

Coincidentally this was also the week the Guggenheim celebrated its 20th anniversary with a light show in the evening that thousands of people gathered to see. It was just as beautiful and fascinating as I found the museum itself, and you couldn’t help but watch in awe as they projected colours and scenes to music.

I’ve also started Spanish lessons again now? After we shopped around (and by we I mean Shona) we found a place that gave us a good trial session for a decent price and I’m looking forward to hopefully, finally, improve the train wreck that is my Spanish grammar. I can dream. What isn’t a dream is the view from the classroom, if it weren’t for the clusters of buildings and the lack of sheep it would look just like home.

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