Bron in the Basque Country: Unique Experiences

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Yesterday, I went to an event that is unique to Bilbao and New York. This event in my favourite tourist attraction here in the Basque Country, is Art After Dark, which is held in the Guggenheim Museum (which is just down the road from my flat if you didn’t know already).

At home, there’s an event which I’m yet to go to called Techniquest After Hours, held in Cardiff Bay’s Techniquest, which is a science and discovery museum. Art After Dark has a similar concept, where the museum reopens in the evening for adults to drink and socialise, usually accompanied by a DJ and brilliant music.

It almost felt like a night out in the UK. My flat hosted pre drinks, we went out before 11pm and I accidentally broke a glass. We were also really excited when we heard popular songs from the UK and America, and the whole experience in general was pretty surreal.

What made it really cool was the fact that the exhibitions were open on the ground floor, meaning that we could explore and enjoy the architecture in a much more informal environment. The security there was pretty intimidating but there’s something quite thrilling around wandering around INSIDE the sculptures after a very strong Gin and Tonic.

I definitely want to return again, and it’s definitely strengthened my love for the Guggenheim. I have friends visiting this week so you’ll never guess where I’m taking them! (It’s a shame Art After Dark only occurs once a month.)

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