Bron in the Basque Country: The Visitors

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This week I had friends from University here to stay.

You’d think, knowing that I had friends coming, that I would think about places where I could take them, or restaurants to go to, etc. However, that would involve organisation and planning. Normally when friends come over or we plan to go somewhere it goes like this:

“Shall we just get pizza?”

“Yeah, sure.” 

That would be all well and good if one of my friends actually liked pizza. With my new best friend being Trip Advisor, I set to work. As an added bonus, the other friend is a vegetarian, and although in the UK that’s never really an issue at all, in the meat dominated cuisine of the Basque Country I realised how difficult it could be to find decent food for veggies here (although my plant-based pals will now be pleased to know my knowledge of places here has expanded).

When we weren’t trying to find restaurants, we went up the Artxanda Funicular at sunset (which was beautiful), and of course, we visited the Guggenheim.

The great thing about this place is the fact that the exhibits change, so even if you go multiple times you won’t get bored of the same exhibits (Although I still find Bill Viola’s Video Art Fascinating). I made the decision to get a year long membership which is half the normal price for students if you have proof of ID, and I’m sure this week’s visit won’t be the last.

Stay tuned, because I’m going to hit you up with some restaurant recommendations in my next update.

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