Bron in the Basque Country: ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

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On Halloween my phone was pickpocketed.

While I was embracing life as a caveman without the extension to my right hand, finding other ways to maintain my snapchat streaks and feeling fresh air around my ears that are normally obstructed by earphones, I discovered the library.

These days, I prefer to buy my own books as I like to keep them and reread them, and I like to consider my own collection a library as I’m constantly persuading friends and family to read. However, libraries aren’t just for books, and I was about to discover a library that had revolutionised the concept beyond just borrowing books.

I walked into an area that was sparsely dotted with a shop, a restaurant, and a gym circled around an information point in the middle. Stairs led to the cinema and more stairs led you to the library upstairs.

The library itself consists of three floors, with books (unsurprisingly), newspapers, computer facilities, televisions, gaming consoles (updated regularly with new and retro video games) and anything else your heart would desire. I spent a lot of time just walking around in awe of the place, and I probably got some weird looks from people who just thought I was a lost tourist.

I signed up to receive a card, used all my almost useless change to fill my printer credit and it felt like I was at a more modern, futuristic version of my university (except this future featured a lot more senior citizens). I’ve already borrowed some books for my research project for University as I plan to explore the way the Basque language and the Welsh language has developed in their respective regions.

SPEAKING OF THAT PROJECT: If any of you are learning Welsh or can speak Welsh, I would appreciate it if you could fill in this quick survey.

Now it’s time to cwtch up in my new blanket and read to my heart’s content.


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