Returning to Chester is like flopping onto the sofa after a long day of being a sleep deprived student person. It’s not quite bed, it’s not quite “home home” as I have affectionately called the motherland since 2015, but it’s a comforting pit-stop, a little comforting break after months of being away from any sense of normality.

Sure, while I’ve been here I’ve found a new normal. I’ve found friends so I don’t stay in bed all the time and things to do so I don’t stay in bed all the time. I have a job and have had to do things that I would normally try and get my mum to do for me, due to my discomfort during phone calls and the fact that she still probably knows my schedule better than I do.

This weekend was almost like a trip back in time. If it wasn’t for the fact that the buildings that were constantly under construction were finally finished and the fact that my old housemates now have a house of their own and I’m now the guest, it would be exactly the same. They’ve moved on from Lambrini to the less calorific yet equally trippy Cassini, and it turns out you can survive a weekend away without a mobile phone. I met up with the orchestra girls for an overdue catch up, 8 months since I last saw them before I went to Costa Rica- an adventure I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet.

Luckily a trip to Revs or a food quest to B&M or Tesco can solve most things, and I now have an advent calendar ready for the best month of the year.

PS: You can definitely tell I don’t live with my old housemates anymore because the Christmas Tree is up. IT’S NOVEMBER.

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