Bron in the Basque Country: Be brave and try new things

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One might think it is a bit late to start trying new things now, but everyone needs time to settle in, right? Or in my case, motivation.

I’m a firm believer in naps and getting a lot of sleep, and as a result it has made my routine a little tight. So, I drank some more coffee, dragged myself over to my laptop and went to see what the outside world has to offer.

Why can’t I do the things I would normally do at home, here? I thought, scrolling through the page of my local gym. Finding myself intrigued by the sheer number of classes they had to offer, I signed up the next day. The machines are similar to the ones I have at home, and being able to log onto Facebook while running and log achievements makes running 5k seem more like a game and less like I’m depriving myself of quality time in bed.

While I was at it, I started taking Zumba classes again. Abbie and I decided to go one evening and not only have we had a giggle trying to keep up with the super rhythmic teenagers, but we’ve also had fun watching some of the personal trainers try to tell us apart. Maybe if they heard us both speak English they’d realise how different our accents are, and it’s another reason for me not to get a haircut while I’m in Spain.

I also gave my first private class last week, which is something I’ve never done before. The thought of being responsible for another person’s education at the youthful age of 20 baffles me, even though the class basically consisted of a beer and a chat. If this is what all private classes are like I would like to do this for the rest of my life. Languages are COOL, guys.

At the weekend, I also experienced my first ever Thanksgiving. Kelsie pulled out all the stops and made some spectacular casseroles, Robyn and Abbie made some brilliant desserts, Jess and I provided some British side dishes and Abby provided some pretty decorations to make the whole thing instagrammable. Not only was I thankful for having a meal that wasn’t pasta, I am also thankful for the creative, intelligent and thoughtful friends I have made here.

PS: I joined a choir last night too, but more on that later.

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