Bron in the Basque Country: Just Keep Swimming

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I say just keep swimming, but today I actually went swimming. In a pool. With my goggles, of course.

What should have been three normal young adults going for a casual swim turned into three confused people wondering why one of us was getting a discount with a bank card while the other was denied a discount even though she had a card for the building. (You can guess which one was me).

The mishaps continued when we eventually found the pool itself in the maze known as the Azkuna Zentroa, to discover that we needed swimming caps. Luckily they gave us some, and it felt like when you forgot your PE kit and you had to take a random item that you’d probably regret wearing later- thanks to my much more organised mother I was never that unfortunate.

Finally, a pirate, a turtle/penguin and a speedo advert hit the pool. It was massive, and there seemed to be so much going on and also nothing at all. We walked in while a synchronised swimming class was ongoing, and continued whilst the children had a swimming lesson. Well, I think that’s what was going on, my vision consisted of brightly coloured blobs. Envious of their floats and the fact it was more acceptable for them to cannonball into the pool, we actually swam.

Maybe the fact that there wasn’t a jacuzzi forced us into actual exercise, unlike the Friday night swim nights of my teenage years where we just hung out amongst the bubbles and chatted. However, I have missed being in the water. The last time I swam was in Costa Rica, and although the Pacific Ocean is very different to the chlorine filled pool of Bilbao, it was fun to bob around with my pals, and that sometimes you should switch things up.

Speaking of switching things up, I’ve got a few exciting weeks ahead of me, starting with a university friend visiting on Friday. I may actually be outside more often than I am inside. I know, I’m still getting my head around it too.

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