I couldn’t imagine a place that contrasted with Bilbao more. It was sunny. The sky was blue. The weather was warm. It felt like the middle of July and not the beginning of February. We actually bought ice cream and ate it outside.

Naturally, staying true to form and being a human disaster, I conveniently fell ill a couple of days before we left. I was dizzy, I was hacking out my lungs, and I felt like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards. I figured I could pretend I was in the 1800s when sick children got taken to the seaside to be cured, and I decided the warm weather would definitely help rather than hinder me.

The atmosphere is much warmer in regards to the people, too. There’s something about being able to finally crack out your prescription sunglasses that makes your spontaneous little city break turn into more of a holiday, rather than a quest to avoid the rain of the north.

We were pleasantly surprised by literally everything from the start. If you arrive at an airport that resembles Bristol Temple Meads you know you’re off to a good start, and when you step out into sunshine (have I mentioned that it was sunny yet?) you know you can’t go wrong. Unless your adaptor decides to not work, but that’s a different story.

The only thing that bugged me was how they go out of their way to exploit tourists, especially in restaurants. We went to some lovely places in the evening, however during the day servers were desperate for our attention and then tried to overcharge us. Sometimes they forget that other people speak Spanish too.

We did find some great places to visit too, including a beautiful castle and a bus ride to a place with spectacular views of the whole city. We also visited the impressive Cathedral and of course, a rooftop bar. The nights were colder than I anticipated, but nowhere is colder than my flat in Bilbao.

I could go on another Malagventure here again, that’s for sure. Just maybe not in peak tourist season.

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