Bron in the Basque Country: The Bilbros

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On the first week of visitors my challenge was to find everything. On my second week of visitors my challenge was to cram everything into one weekend. On my third week of visitors, my challenge was to find good food for both my friends who were on a plant-based diet.

This time, my visitors were friends from home. It was comforting to hear a welsh accent again without having to fly over 500 miles to get home. Sure, I saw them at Christmas but since I’m not going to be back again until Easter, it was nice to see a bit of home away from home. Like when my friends bring me digestives from the UK, or when “Shape of You” is played in a Zumba class.

Now I’m so much more comfortable with the city. I got to know my way around fairly quickly but staying somewhere and truly living somewhere are two very different things. I can recommend restaurants. I know when certain things are open and when. I know which lines to catch on the Metro and the train if I want to get to a certain place. I found vegetarian and vegan restaurants and bars for my visitors.

Speaking of certain places, we decided to go to Guernica. I visited in December to see the Tree of Guernica and the government buildings but this time we decided to go to the peace museum (by decided, I mean I couldn’t find the tree and I had no signal on my phone, so we stumbled across this building instead).

If you’re ever in Guernica, visit this museum. It is informative, yet it highlights the harsh realities and the consequences of the tragedy that was the bombing of Guernica in 1937. In one of the exhibitions you sit on a narrow bench in what looks like a normal sitting room, while a woman narrates her personal story, a first-hand incident of a merciless event. We learned about it in University, sure, but there’s something different about hearing a lone young boy singing a melancholy piece of music while the ruins slowly appear in front of you. The number of victims is still unknown.

We also went to the Guggenheim again, naturally, and we also visited the Fine Arts Museum which was also really interesting (and it’s free if you go at the right time). We visited lots of bars, ate tortillas, and drank an incomprehensible amount of gin. Although it wasn’t like our normal gathering which involves the Tiny Rebel Brewery and us cradling beer after beer, it was still like nothing changed. Other than the fact that I’ve moved to a different country.

Thank you for a wonderful week Grace and Joe, and I hope I can show more people this exciting little corner of Spain soon.

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