Here’s the deal. When you’re on your year abroad you’re going to be travelling on a lot of planes. Whether you want to travel constantly or if you’re only planning on flying home for the holidays, it’s going to happen.

One day, you’ll be on a plane and you’ll roll your eyes at a teenager filming the take off and kids screaming in excitement. You’ll have been through security taking your liquids out and your laptop out of its bag like clockwork. Heck, you won’t even need to get the free liquids bag because you’ll have done the crazy thing known as thinking ahead.

Before you know it, it has happened. You’ve become a frequent flier.

For those of you who are not frequent fliers, here are some tips on how to become a high flier instead of a flying fiasco.

  • Know where your boarding passes are and how they work.

Sometimes, just watching people flail around with printed out boarding passes or people trying to use their mobile app when they don’t even understand their mobile make me feel a little better about my own flying failures. Make sure they’re open on your phone before you join the queue. Identify that it is indeed the magical black and white wiggly box that you must scan- not your name, a random part of the page, or your passport. You’d be surprised what people do.

  • Use the tables BEFORE you go through security.

I feel like the general advice in a lot of these points is going to be preparation. You will have to take things out of your bag, and in most cases take off your shoes too. If you’re unsure of what needs to be where, there are signs to help you and assistants you can ask, but the security line is not the place to do that if you have 100 questions and more than 100 impatient people behind you.

  • Respect your plane pals.

No, it is not appropriate to try and clamber over me to get to your seat. Neither is it appropriate to pretend to be asleep, so I can’t get out of my seat. Regardless of where you’re sat, don’t feel bad if you need to use the bathroom and you have to ask your neighbours to get out. Speaking of getting off, if you’re not in a rush on the other side it’s not worth getting up as soon as the doors open, because you will get stampeded.

Somehow, I’m catching my umpteenth Thursday. At what point do I get exclusive access to an elite 8+ club like a certain geeky IT guy? Asking for a friend. The friend is me.

PS: I’ve recently discovered I’ve hit 100 followers, thank you to everyone who has read my rambles and encouraged me to continue to ramble.

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