There’s something about semi-moving out of the family home that makes you realise how much your parents do for you. I’ve been lucky to grow up in a home surrounded by love and all that melty nonsense, and despite her sarcastic nature that I’ve probably inherited, Mum was at the centre of that.

Mum is the gift that literally just keeps giving, to Ieuan and I alone.

She takes motherly instincts to a whole new level. She remembers things that I pointed out in shop windows that I thought were cool, and will buy them for me for Christmas long after I’ve forgotten about them. She’s ridden out every weird phase wave: the David and Goliath phase, the clip-in-my-hair phase, and the still ongoing Harry Potter phase (at what point does it stop becoming a phase?).

She supported every extra-curricular activity I wanted to partake in, and I can’t remember a choir or orchestra concert where I couldn’t see her face in the audience, always encouraging me alongside whichever family member she’d managed to persuade to accompany her.

She sends me news articles about things she’d think I’d be interested in. Articles about coffee, gin, and wine. Buzzfeed articles about ways I can maximise my day. More serious articles about how I can one day finally combat my mental health. Each accompanied with the corresponding emojis, of course.

My Mum always asks what meal I want when I come home from University or Spain, and will make it happen. She made me soups and curries and bolognese when I was living in Chester, and I’m pretty sure she would continue to send me back with food to Bilbao if I didn’t have a weight limit. She was the first person to experience the next chapter of my life here in Bilbao with me.

My Mum will text me during the day, asking about things I forget I’m doing. How was choir? Do you have a private class today? Are you going out tonight? She cares, unconditionally, even when I am far from caring about myself. She always gives me the best advice, even if I don’t want to hear it. She never gives up on me, and always tries her hardest to make sure I haven’t either.

I’m very lucky to have a mum, and even luckier to have my mum. She’s cool. Even if she does use an excessive number of emojis, but that’s okay ❤

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