I feel like this trip was definitely more about seeing the people than seeing the place, as I had made plans to meet up with five of my friends from university, with two of them flying over like me. However, this place still managed to stand out. If you’re going to give me two free slices of cake for buying one coffee I’m definitely going to be sold. I’m not even joking.

In my first year of University I had to do a group presentation about Santiago de Compostela, so actually visiting it was quite bizarre, as I vaguely remembered one or two things about it without actually ever visiting. It was almost as if I knew about a place before I visited it for once.

The Cathedral was beautiful. I feel like I say that about every cathedral I see but the amount of money that must have gone into crafting these structures must have been extortionate. The buildings surrounding it were of a similar style, and to go to University here would be amazing if you’re into stunning architecture.

Also, me being me, we found the bars. The nightlife is so different on the other side of the north, as the clubs don’t fill up until the later end of the early hours and we returned home when I would normally wake up for work. We danced for what seemed like years and it was almost like Rosie’s at Chester in the sense that some people would not leave us alone. Bilbao has almost lured me into a false sense of security in that way (other than the phone incident but let’s not digress).

Speaking of a false sense of security, I have definitely taken my easy airport shuttle bus for granted. It literally took me longer to get from the airport to our Airbnb than it did for me to fly to the other side of Spain in the first place, but it was still worth it to see my friends. The trains here are nicer than Euskotren in my opinion anyway, and I didn’t think that was possible. THEY HAVE PLUG SOCKETS.

The weather was horrendous, and a weird smell of fish was in the air, but as a result it was almost as green and beautiful as Bilbao, with extra fish. It just proves that the rain in Spain is definitely always in the north, but that will never stop me appreciating a place. Besides, we’ve all seen British weather, right?

PS: I have a facebook page now, so if you want updates, that’s the hot new place to be- https://www.facebook.com/bronwynandbooks/

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