Bron in the Basque Country: Hooray for Sports

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I originally had no plans this weekend. Some of my friends were lucky enough to get tickets to the European Finals this weekend, and I was not.

That was until my parents’ Twitter friends (yes they’re hip enough to have twitter friends) won a competition on Facebook to watch the games. Next thing I know, I receive a text to say that they’ve managed to get me a ticket and that I should meet them outside their hotel on Friday evening.

I’ve barely spent a cent this weekend. In the dizzying heights of hospitality we were given an infinite supply of free pintxos, and of course, beer from the partner of the weekend, Heineken. We were in the proximity of the Challenge Cup and we got to listen to people discuss the game while enjoying our prestigious treats.

The view of the game was incredible, and the game between Cardiff Blues and Gloucester was nail biting. I was so close to the barrier yelling at the players that I’m surprised I didn’t tumble off, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was emotional when Cardiff did Wales proud and took home the trophy.

I didn’t get tickets for yesterday’s game, but the fact that it just consisted of penalties made it nowhere near as exhilarating. Thanks to the generosity of a man in Molly Malones we were well fed and watered (and by watered I mean we had much more beer), and we got to see the Irish win after a last minute penalty.

Over the past three years I have reignited the love for rugby I had when I was little. I love the passion, I love the excitement, and I love the euphoria when it goes your way. Considering the fact that Spain isn’t really known for rugby I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many opportunities I’ve had to enjoy watching one of my favourite sports.

Thank you to Cathy and Gary for giving me the opportunity to have this experience, and it will be one I will treasure for a long time.


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