The little things about a big city III

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It’s been a week since I dramatically returned home and I still miss Bilbao. Obviously. So here is the last instalment of the little things, and maybe one day I will stop writing lists.

If you’ve missed the previous two, you can read The little things about a big city, and The little things about a big city II if you feel like you’re missing out, or something. Enjoy!

  1. You CAN watch British sports here. You sometimes may need the balls to ask for it, but it’s there. The Six Nations are waiting for you.
  2. There’s literally an Italian for every day of the week. Ginos, La Fontana, La Taglatelli, Il Giardino Della Nonna, La Piemontesa, Copolla, Circolo… loads.
  3. Students at high school dress like university students- ie they don’t give a single hoot. They’re usually wearing trackies and a look of disgust because they probably have yet another exam.
  4. Whole families will be seen going for Sunday strolls, no matter how old you are. Cute!
  5. Milk is not the same. Neither is chicken.
  6. They’re pretty knowledgeable when it comes to British music and TV shows.
  7. The Spanish keyboard is just slightly wrong, and it’s infuriating sometimes.
  8. The Spanish are literally obsessed with Whatsapp. Although I think that extends to Europeans in general.
  9. They’re not very good at publicising events and festivals. Either someone has filled you in or you don’t have a clue.
  10. Easter eggs aren’t really a thing here. They’re missing out. Big time.
  11. All they want to listen to is reggae ton. I didn’t know what this was. Now I do.
  12. When someone is leaving, or they want to celebrate something they have a merendola which is basically a picnic party and I’m into it.
  13. They have signs outside every pharmacy with the temperature on them, and most of the time they are outrageously wrong.
  14. Many Spanish cities are full of dogs, which is wonderful, but does your city have a massive puppy made of flowers?? Some of my friends thought it was a rabbit…
  15. It’s difficult not picking up a few words of Basque while you stay here, because it’s everywhere. Signs are bilingual, and sometimes it crops up when you least expect it… like another country I’m familiar with…

One day I will stop banging on about Bilbao, but in reality, I don’t think it’s any time soon. Until next time, agur!

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