Should I be thinking about my dissertation?

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As someone who dwells on the past, worries about the future and ignores the present, it’s no surprise that I’m already thinking about my dissertation.

The fact I have to write a mammoth sized piece of work on a topic of my choice that will contribute greatly to my final classification is enough to send any carbon copy Amy Santiago of Brooklyn Nine Nine into a cold sweat.

Friends that have been in the same academic year as me since we first knew each-other have now graduated, and therefore have already written their dissertations. I’ve been listening to them talk about their topics and received snapchats of the live writing process while I was swanning around Spain, and now it’s my turn. Is it too early to think about it though?

I feel like I’m embracing my inner Hermione. After having a eureka moment a few days ago, I’ve started researching a topic that I haven’t even had approved. My lecturers are probably enjoying their summer holidays so 1am emails are off the cards, so am I peaking too soon?

Other summer events: played some more video-games (fun), went to a gin festival (tasty), discovered a pintxo bar in my hometown (nostalgic) and caught a LOT of busses (less fun).

PS: If you’ve done your dissertation or know at least 3 dissertation facts, advice is always welcome ❤

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