I leave Wales for the millionth time in two days time, and I have a case of the pre travel frazzles.

I don’t understand it, really. Something about uprooting my life yet again and dumping it unceremoniously in a different country really is not my cup of tea. On the plus side, it’s significantly closer than Spain, and once I’m there and settled I know it’ll be fine and dandy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to go. Independence is calling and I can’t answer while I’m still under the roof of my parents. It’s just… packing, y’know? It’s time consuming and I easily convince myself that nothing will fit in the car. I also have a habit of leaving everything anywhere around the house- so you bet on Saturday evening I’ll be traipsing around the house with a 7 bobbles, yet another book and several pairs of Vans, looking for the one very important thing that I definitely need to take with me.

I’ve been much better at culling my possessions over the past few years (I can hear my Dad scoffing in the background but trust me on this one) but there’s always fun age old questions like what if I leave the one thing I need at home? and where the heck is my steamer? Seriously. I can’t find it anywhere.

Long story short: I’m all over the place, both in regards to my possessions and physically. I probably should mention at this point that I’m going to Poland the day after I move to Chester.

I’m excited though! I’ve bought one of those little pocket travel sight seeing books, I tried (and failed) to learn some Polish on Duolingo, and I’m ready to eat my weight in potatoes. So it’s not all suitcases, plastic boxes and the pre travel frazzles after all.

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