The Final Countdown: October

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I’m currently in bed having my first peaceful week since I’ve started University. I very much have a “can’t stop won’t stop” mindset when I’m in Chester, filling every tiny minuscule slot with plans- whether they are social or related to the workload that doesn’t seem to be decreasing any time soon.

I returned to Orchestra and it is THRIVING. Not only have we met our membership target but we have now bought some sleigh-bells, which is definitely the most important thing that has happened (and yes I did sound like a jingling weirdo going to the library with sleigh-bells in my bag).

I’ve also returned to Zumba, and although it’s not the same without either of my previous Zumba partners, there’s nothing like having a little boogie with the added fear that someone you know might walk into the gym at any moment.

Other highlights include managing to get a Cheeky Nandos for £2.50, having free craft beer sent to my house, being able to do a full presentation in Spanish without reading from a full script (?!?!?!?) and also, living on a train (RIP Arriva).

It turns out that your Year Abroad Friends do stay friends with you after your year abroad! It’s not a year long contract! I’ve missed them greatly and after seeing most of them back in August I popped down to the questionably existing midlands and had a little boogie further down south. It was a time to be alive my friends.

It is a time to be alive.

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