How to NOT get Fresher’s Flu like I did

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I don’t know whether it’s because I’m getting older…

*Waits for the adulty adults to roll their eyes*


… but as the years pass Fresher’s Flu hits me harder.

“What is Fresher’s Flu?” One might ask. Students shudder in horror as they register the phrase like a traumatic flashback, remembering days or even weeks of their lives where they were stuck in bed with runny noses and coughs that penetrated even the thickest walls in student housing (although let’s be honest, that’s not difficult).

Some may call it the student version of Man Flu, but after being out for the count last weekend I can assure you it can be the death of you- although hopefully not literally. It won’t kill you, I promise.

However, here’s some advice! If you want to hang around other people without getting the lurgy this winter, stick around. Face the facts: Fresher’s Flu isn’t exclusive to October.

Stock up on those sweet home remedies.

Not everyone has a super cool Mum like mine who sends me up to Chester with homemade soup when I’m ill, but there are other cheap alternatives! I’m talking hot blackcurrant squash, hot water and lemon, herbal teas and a good supply of painkillers. You can get most of these things for less than £1 too!

You’ve got to eat your fruit and veg…

I’m not the best person for remembering to get my 5 a day, but I’m trying really hard. I’ve got a fruit bowl in the kitchen and everything! The healthier you eat, the stronger your insides will be, believe it or not. If you’re really not that keen on fruit, vitamin C supplements that you can plonk in a glass of water have saved my life on many occasions, but obviously the real shebang is better.

Don’t run yourself down like I did.

I mentioned in my last post about how I was doing so much and well… that got the better of me. I wore myself out and not only did that affect my already delicate mental health, but it affected me physically too. I’m trying to make an effort to schedule in more me time, and so should you. Wind down properly in the evenings, sort out that sleeping schedule, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you’ve managed to get the lurgy, hang in there. Wrap up warm, and this too shall pass.

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