I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child the Other Day

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Two years ago, I wrote about my expectations and my review of the screenplay of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Links are down the bottom. You’re welcome). Not going to lie, overall I felt a little like it was exaggerated and very fanfictionesque. Not that fanfiction is bad, but at the same time it seemed like it was written to please us, and not written to entertain us.

Then I saw the play.

My friend had bought me tickets for my Birthday and Christmas last year, so we had a whole year of hype, which when it comes to theatre is most definitely part of the experience. I had a whole year in Spain before I could even fathom the little trip up to London, so that was that.

Then I was blown away.

Seeing the performance of it is not just a show alone, it is an experience. There’s the merchandise, there’s the people who dress up, there are fans from the 90s and fans from the movies. It’s a community.

Merely saying they brought the screenplay to life is an understatement. The actors and actresses brought dimensions to the characters that looked so forced on paper. You could see and feel emotion that a few lines of script just can’t convey. Maybe I’m just stating the obvious, but roll with me.

Then there’s the magic. It was so well thought out. There were illusions. There were special effects. I was immersed and fully invested. As we were seeing both parts in one day it was almost as if I was physically entering the magical world myself. The choreography was fantastic, and there were no limits to where the magic could take us, which is definitely due to the underrated workers behind the scenes.

I may have felt underwhelmed at the screenplay, but I am left overwhelmed at the play. If you can get to London, I highly recommend it.

PS: Finally going to see The Crimes of Grindelwald on Friday. I’m very excited.

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