After the chaos that was October, November presented me with an opportunity to create some kind of routine. With a new job under my belt, I have now accepted a hectic schedule, but at least it’s some kind of organised mess.

The good news is – I’ve finally got some kind of direction in my dissertation! After having an idea in the summer, it soon turned out to not have any kind of true focus so I had to re-evaluate everything. Fear not, I basically moved into my personal tutor’s office until I had answers, and several tree metaphors later I have… ideas.

In the meantime, I’m basically living in the library. After barely visiting in first year, then coming to the library to socialise in second year, to now finally using it for its main purpose? What a shocking revelation. My list is never empty, but somehow I feel calm? Probably because there are no presentations involved- they can get in the bin and stay there.

Luckily life isn’t all about 2,000 word essays and SU meal deals- for concert season has begun! Last week the Orchestral Society hit the streets to spread some very very early Christmas cheer for our pals at Marie Curie and this week we’re going to be playing at the Garden Lane Light Switch on, and I amalsosingingaswellwhenIhaven’tsanginatathinginover9monthshelp

It’s chill. Everything’s fine.

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