I used my Nutribullet for the first time today and since I’ve had two of my five a day instead of the usual -3, I figured I was organised enough to write an update.

Dissertation update: I submitted a proposal! Now, we wait.

Everything else update: I’m very tired. No surprise there.

December was absolutely manic (I feel like I’m saying this every month, but whatever). I turned 22 and we (as an orchestra) hosted our absolute unit of a concert and raised a lot of money for our chosen charity (Nordoff Robbins, for the record) and it was very fulfilling. I’m trying not to think about the fact that it was my last ever concert with Orchestra.

My issue is I think about things a lot. I think about things and don’t always follow through. I make to-do lists and only complete half of it. I start learning a language but lose focus a few months in. I didn’t even complete my reading challenge this year.

Sure, a lot of BIG THINGS happened- but is that really an excuse? Should I be covering up the fact that I really let myself relax far too much with the excuse that I was in another country for half of the year?

I guess that can be next year’s problem.

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