The Final Countdown: January

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I think I need to learn that I can’t keep replacing sleep with double espressos. It’s not the same. Just because you’ve been drinking caffeine since you were a teenager doesn’t mean you’re immune to caffeine crashes.

So since last month I think I have been a little better with my time. I’ve always stood firmly by following your mind and your body when it comes to productivity and it is working a lot better for me now Christmas is over and everything is… calm. If I need to sleep, I sleep. If I feel energetic, then I capitalise on it. Hence me being here, three coffees into the day and ready to roll.


I’ve had literally a million assessments over the past month, and they just keep on coming. On the plus side, I’ve got something to focus on, but on the minus side… assessments. It is, however, giving me permission to finally embrace my most authentic form of jaded final year by chuckling at the people who actually make an effort to go to the library and groan at the people who come to the library to chat. There’s an SU for that, y’know?

The fact that it really is the final countdown is starting to hit me now. On my first day back I had my last class with one of my lecturers, which is WILD. It’s the beginning of the end. No, I still don’t know what I’m doing next year. Who knows.

In the meantime, I’ve actually cleaned my room so I’m going to create a little work nest, make a cup of tea, and crack on I guess. Translations don’t translate themselves, apparently.


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