The Final Countdown: March

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It truly is starting to be the final countdown now, isn’t it?

Saying that, I’ve had to completely change my dissertation this month, backtrack on all my research, and still balance that with my countless other responsibilities…

ANYWAY. It’s fine.

If the mental strain wasn’t enough, life decided to hit me (literally) and now I have a shoulder injury to contend with too. They say bad things happen in threes but at this point I’ve lost count.


  1. That TEDxUOChester talk I mentioned last month? It was amazing. The talks were inspiring and really made you think, and King-Ho Leung’s talk about uploading our souls online really made me think about my online presence, which is currently me unabashedly being myself. I write as if I’m actually speaking when it comes to social media, the kind of writing that you would read in my voice, if you are familiar with it. Saying that, it is my voice, just from a different perspective.
  2. I’ve been in Wales a lot more this month, and it’s been rather nice. I’ve noticed that when you live away from home at University, you never truly escape it when you come home from lectures. Naturally, detaching myself by being in a different country is quite the detox, even if I still have lots to do. Also I have a bigger desk at home, and Mum leaves soup for me in the fridge.
  3. I’m reading a lot more again, which is great. The other day I was so stressed I read four books in four days and my lecturer just looked at me for a long time in exasperation. “You know that’s called escapism?” She said, knowing that my love of reading completely juxtaposed the pressure I was under. I’ve been given a proper kindle now and I think it’s a message from my parents saying that there’s no more room in the house for my expansive collection of books.

Let’s hope April brings more sunshine and some actual spare time, but maybe I’m being optimistic there. Do I even like not being busy? Who knows.


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