The Final Countdown: April

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I have no more Orchestra rehearsals.

Something that has encapsulated my entire being for the past four years is over. I still remember the society fair where I tentatively signed up with a friend who I’d met in my accommodation who coincidentally also played the same instrument. I remember being encouraged to run for Vice President at the end of my first year. I remember becoming Vice President, and winning Society of the Year after spending most of the year living off Budweisers and cheesy chips. I remember running for Vice President against someone who I consider to be one of my closest friends now, and I remember just this weekend winning Society of the Year again.

If I was busy, it was usually an Orchestra thing. If I wasn’t having a committee meeting in spoons, I was making a playlist for an event, or making surveys, or hosting parties. I loved it, and I was doing it with three people who I value and adore.

Alongside this, something I’ve been wanting to do since I was applying for University became a reality. I remember looking at Universities and scanning the lists of societies, looking for an A-cappella group. Then finally, in my last year, another person who I now consider to be a close friend set one up, and here I am.

With Barbershop, we won Best New Society.

If I wasn’t busy with Orchestra, I was busy with Barbershop. Olivia was teaching me new tags and warmups, or I was leading a section, or I was trying to become pitch perfect (still working on it, but we’re getting there).

Now for the most part, it’s over.


I might have to actually stop bailing on things now because I don’t have Barbershop or Orchestra as an excuse. I might have to actually do my University work.

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