The Final Countdown: May

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Yes I’m aware it’s June, but I’ve had the sniffles and I’m feeling sorry for myself.

This month was full of big news. After reeling from the success of the Society Awards and the Orchestra Awards and the Barbershop Awards and the Volunteering Awards, I now also have two additional awards ceremonies to attend. If you see me using the same dress twice, I’m a student. Let me live.

Other big news: My future isn’t as unknown as we thought. I know I’m being a massive tease but nothing is confirmed yet so I’m leaving that here for now. If you know, you know.

Dissertation update: I DID IT! Finally! Remember when I wrote a post in the summer about how I already had ideas and I was ready to write and I thought everything was set in stone? How naïve I was. It’s fine though, several cliché breakdowns and question changes later I managed to submit it and now I’ve just got one exam to go.

The thought of freedom is really weird. I’ll be moving home, I’ll be back in my armchair, but it won’t be the same. I’ve grown (not literally). I’ve changed. I’ve found a red wine that I actually like (it’s from Valdepeñas).

I’m actually surprised I’ve kept up with this, but I suppose it’ll be nice to look back on my university adventures (or lack of this year, having been a slave to the library).

Finally, the final, Final Countdown will be next month, so I’ll see you all then. Hopefully with a future set in stone.

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