I’m back, and now we’re here

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I’ve had many fresh starts throughout my education. I left high school to go to college instead of staying on at the sixth form. I moved up north to go to University. I moved to Spain for the giggles.

Now we’re here.

Today is A Level results day, and although the number of people I know receiving results is dwindling rapidly, the day still resonates with me somehow. They used to fully give me the heebie jeebies- to the point where Mum always organised a big day out to distract me after the traditional trip to Dad’s workplace to tell him my, in my opinion, mediocre results.

This year was the first time I achieved results that I was actually proud of. Four years later, I am finally going to a Russell Group University. Better late than never I guess? I updated my LinkedIn and everything.

In hindsight, Chester was better than I could have imagined. I made friends for life, continued to pursue my hobbies and had my fingers in many pies. I achieved some cool volunteering awards, wrote blogs for the University, and still managed to succeed academically. Is the smart kid of the ’00s back? Probably not. Is the more well rounded student of the late ’10s here? I hope so.

After a month off going to events with my Mum, and seeing friends I hadn’t seen in far too long, I’m ready to dust off my stationery, decide I need a whole new set and trot off to Cardiff.

I AM SO EXCITED. The usual nerves are there, but they’re normal nerves so it’s no big deal. Will it be interesting enough to write about? I don’t know. I’ve always been a bit of a storyteller, so maybe I can weave something about this next adventure. As some of my friends said the other day – you shouldn’t let anything stop doing what you want to do, and if that means weird and mildly entertaining anecdotes on an online platform, I guess we’re here now.

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