How to prepare for University at the last minute…

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Here’s the thing. I’m using the word ‘prepare’ very loosely here. In reality, if you just waltz in with an open mind and enthusiasm for what you’re about to study, everything will fall into place.

However, if you’re like me and have a compulsive need to be ahead of the game, this may be of use to you. In which case, you’re welcome.

The timing of this post depends on a lot of things. If you’re living at home I imagine you’ll have a few weeks of summer freedom before you’re academically tied down, so this won’t be last minute at all. When I started University many moons ago I moved away fairly early because my accommodation could let people in sooner. Saying that, it might be worth giving yourself a week just to explore your new city. Channel your inner Harry Potter that one time in Prisoner of Azkaban when he had free reign of Diagon Alley, and get settled.

When it comes to actual work, a lot of lecturers will anticipate that you haven’t done much over the summer. So far my “summer work” has consisted of watching a couple of youtube videos about linguistics, and that’s probably still considered to be a bit extra. A lot of first year is getting everyone on the same page and crying over referencing, so if you want to read a book or look over old work- go for it! If you think you’re going to be ‘the one that’s behind’, let’s face it, you can’t be behind if you haven’t started yet.

Does your university have an app you can download? Get on it and see what you can access! Sometimes you can find out dates for things before you get the dreaded emails, so you can stay on top of things. I’m applying for free language classes tomorrow (if I write it here I have to do it), so hopefully I can attempt to learn German for what feels like the 16th time. We shall see. It might be worth nosing at the societies and sports as well. Then you can  have an idea of what you might be interested in, and see what your University offers before you’re overwhelmed by the sports and society fair.

It is so easy to make assumptions as to what University is going to be like based on friends’ experiences or what it was like for your Mum in the 80s, but also you are not in the 80s and you are not a clone of your pals. It’s a ~unique experience~ as cheesy as that sounds, and IT WILL ALL BE OKAY I PROMISE.

PS: I’ve had this blog for 5 years as of today. Crazy.

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