Honestly, half the reason why I’ve delayed this post is because I can’t think of a good title. I’ve been sitting on Masters related puns, I’ve summoned friends for help… yet here we are.

The other half is because I’ve been working through my imposter syndrome that I’ve had since starting here, and it’s gotten to the point now where I’m quite bored of rabbiting on about why I still think I need to prove myself. Those who have been hanging around this neck of the woods for a while will know this is nothing new. Those who are new… hi. Enjoy the chaotic energy.

Speaking of new things, I had my first eureka moment of the academic year this week. I needed a new area of research to explore for my projects this term, and my brain decided to stop being useless and pull it out of the bag! Nice one, brain! You’re not completely useless.

Cardiff is so different to Chester. There is much more of a technical focus, and although I was warned about this I’m actually really taking it in my stride. There is a LOT of reading, but I have both neon and pastel highlighters, so everything is fine. It is also strange going to classes, and then coming home to my family??? Incredible. I’ve had two haircuts and everything.

I’m also one of those commuter people now. It’s less fun than frequent flying in the sense that there’s more empty beer bottles lying around and I get delayed because there are people and sheep in the way, but it is more fun because it always surprises you with a spontaneous replacement bus or changes the platform at the last minute for the giggles. Eye roll.

Despite being overdramatic in every manner outside of university, the content is FASCINATING. I’m getting really stuck into HOW and WHY we learn languages, and also, how we communicate. True to form I’m yet to shoebox myself into a career, but we’re getting there.

I’m a linguist in progress.

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