If you’re thinking about a Masters…

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Hi, how are we all?

What do you mean it’s been three months?

It’s fine. It’s all fine.


I’m half way through my MA and I feel like I’ve been going on another one of those ~journey~ things. It’s like a non dancer going on Strictly Come Dancing, minus the actual dancing (although I’m covered in glitter most of the time thanks to my job so we’re half way there I guess).

I was going to write about the first couple of months where I had major imposter syndrome and had a constant crippling fear of not doing well enough and all that, but let’s face it, it’s not like I had to do a Masters. I WANTED to do an MA. I am still fascinated by languages and how they function, and I’m still incredibly frustrated that the government don’t seem to care about the Erasmus scheme, but what I can do with this slightly abandoned platform is continue to talk about education.

This is about the time of year when I realised time was fleeting (and madness really does take its toll). I also realised that I had to actually do something with my life once I finished in Chester. Even if I decided to take a gap year, at least that would be something, but without the security and pressure of UCAS I didn’t think about applying until the very last minute.

In all honesty, by the time I finished my undergraduate degree I was ready to move back home and be coddled by the valleys for a bit. This made it a lot easier for me when it came to deciding where I wanted to go. It is the courses that make it more difficult.

When it comes to an MA, it’s no longer down to a whole subject. Spanish was often combined with translation and interpretation and thanks to final year I realised I am terrible at translating. I knew I still wasn’t done with language yet, but I also didn’t want to continue studying Spanish and be lumped with modules that I knew I would struggle with or not be interested in. For the love of god, look at the module list. Make sure you actually want to do at least two thirds of them (because there probably will be options). This is where my course has been a blessing, as because I chose to do Language and Linguistics as opposed to a certain type of Linguistics, I had pretty much free reign. Now I’m taking a good balance of research skill development modules and modules for topics I’m interested in. I start my sociolinguistics module tomorrow and I am HYPED.

Anyway, my point is you have time, but there’s no harm looking now. Applications are usually open until the middle of Summer and you can always digitally download prospectuses (save the trees and the postal service, do you r e a l l y need a physical copy?). Despite my brain working against me at the beginning I am now finally discovering my academic interests and actually doing something about it, so if you’re thinking about staying in University for a little while longer, go for it!

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