Working from home and not “Working from home”

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Since I have been living at home and commuting to University instead of living in the city itself, it has been a lot easier for me to simply work from home instead of going to the library. Thanks to the added bonus of having a parent who is brave enough to go to the supermarket alone, I don’t really need to worry about fending for myself either.

Yet here we are, still procrastinating.

Surprisingly, the novelty of being able to lounge around all day watching Netflix or reading another 3 books only to quickly leg it upstairs when the rest of your family come home and make out you’ve spent all your time working upstairs, does wear off. Apparently essays don’t plan themselves (because let’s face it, if you plan enough it DOES write itself).

Firstly, unless you have a home office (which I doubt if you’re a student), you need to separate your sleeping/relaxing space from your work space. This is hard when they are both in the same room, but hear me out. Make your bed. Keep your room tidy (ish). Open the curtains. Put those clothes away that have been on your chair for an indiscernible amount of time. Make a cup of coffee or whatever you prefer and hYdRaTe.

Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 10.23.05

Also, we need to work out what mode of productivity works best for you. For me, it’s lists. I use this chrome extension called Momentum (which is free to download) and you can make to do lists and check them off digitally as you go. You can also shuffle them around to fit your priorities, or if you do what I do and complete some easy tasks first to pretend you’re being more productive than you are. Also it looks pretty.

Some people prefer the classic work for insert time period here and then have short breaks, and there’s apps out there which plant trees while you work or water flowers which is satisfying too.

Before you start, download any papers you need to read, or forms you need to fill in. Don’t add more time to your task by trying to find the thing you need in the first place. I usually set this as a separate task because downloading a paper is not reading a paper in the same way as writing the title of your essay is not writing your essay.

Although I joke about doing the easy tasks first, it does help to get the ball rolling. If the week’s reading you have to do looks intimidating, complete the admin first. If you need to get the hard things out of the way, do those first. I think it’s so easy to be intimidated by the things you need to do and that results in you just staring at the screen for another indiscernible amount of time.

Am I counting this as a task? Yes. Do I have more important things I should probably be doing? Also yes.


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