A Change of Study Routine During Lockdown

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Time is a really funny concept right now, isn’t it?

I thought I had some kind of study space sorted. I have all my applications, I have a comfortable space to work in, and I had peace and quiet.

Now, with all of us home all the time, with some people working from home and others having to find new ways to occupy themselves, we are all trying to find a new normal. The end is not in sight, and obsessing over when the end will be in sight is almost counter-productive. I’m not a scientist and this global pandemic has evolved far beyond the individual.

Saying that, as individuals, we can press on. By that, I mean doing what makes you happy. Using this an opportunity to take a break from everything and read books and relax in the sun if you have a garden, is just as valuable as dedicating the time to improve your fitness or starting a new workout routine, and this is just as valuable again as studying or working. Whatever floats your boat and all that.

I’m finding it hard to stay motivated. It’s weird seeing everyone chilling out while I still have assignments due, even if they have been pushed back. In turn, those assignments being pushed back gives me more time to do them, meaning it gives me an opportunity to be more lenient with my routine. That leniency is really helping my Animal Crossing Island thrive, but is doing very little for my real life productivity.

Getting up early is helping. Setting an alarm for around 8 ish means that even if I don’t start work until 11, I still have time. I am not a morning person in the slightest, but having a morning routine generally shoves me into a more productive zone, as opposed to getting up at 11 and then writing the day off as a result. This also allows me to cut myself more slack if I do need to take a day off for my mental health.

I’ve also started making lists of things I’ve done, as well as my to-do list. I can see how many papers I’ve read or how many tasks I’ve completed and it makes me feel better in myself, I guess. Often I’ll set a paper to be read as a to-do list task, but if I go off on a tangent and read an extra few papers that were not planned, it’s still worth congratulating myself for.

I think it’s so easy to get into a funk if you’re normally busy and productive, and it’s the little victories that count more than ever. Also hand washing.

One Reply to “A Change of Study Routine During Lockdown”

  1. I love how well you have combined humor and information in your content. Not many bloggers are able to do it nowadays.
    I also love your writing style and use of words.
    I want to remain updated with your work, so I have followed you! 🙂

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